Soleras - PV Expertise Since 1987

Soleras makes world-class photovoltaics expertise available for the design of both grid-connected and remote PV systems. The service can cover all phases of a project, from feasibility studies to performace monitoring.

If you want to avoid risks regarding costs, operation and safety of your system; choose Soleras.

Some example projects where we've participated

Helen Oy Suvilahti 340 kWp

Spring 2015, at the time largest PV installation in Finland.

Helen Suvilahti 340 kWp

Vuores Tampere, 45 kWp


Vuores-talo Tampere 45 kWp

LHJ Group Oy Forssa, 50 kWp


LHJ Forssa 50 kWp

Below some history: IEA-low energy house from 1994, ABB factory roof Pitäjänmäki 2010, IKEA head office Älmhult Sweden, Zero energy house Jampankaari 2011 Järvenpää:

Kuvat VTT, ABB, Soleras