The Company, Know-How and Experience

Soleras has started in 2011, but the know-how is based on work done in all areas of PV design and development, starting ion 1987.

Systems Design and Sizing

I use the best commercially available sizing program, and also have software for all the other design needs: mechanical design, 2D-CAD, lighting design etc.. I've been involved in the design, manufacturing and testing of PV modules, charge controllers, batteries and inverters; this gives a good grasp of how things work together and what is really relevant.

But above all; I've designed hundreds of systems, for all continents, for all kinds of applications.

PV Modules

I've been involved in the design and testing of both standard glass-tedlar and the more excotic glass-glass, tefzel/steel PV modules.

Mechanical Design

I've got basic skils in materials and structural engineering , at least enough to know when it is time to let the real pros do the job.


I've written a number of product manuals and datasheets, and also translated many of them (English-Finnish-English) .


I've got my Master's degree in the traditional applied electronics, with some electrical and control engineering thrown in. Before getting involved in photovoltaics, I spent a couple of years designing UPS's. This has given me a solid background in power electronics, both regarding system topologies and components.

I've designed a few PV charge controllers on my own, and participated in the design of about a dozen more.

Battery Technology

I've spent several years testing batteries especially for PV systems, and been tutored by some of the leading experts in the field. I've even participated in project where we designed a special long life low cost flat plate lead-acid battery for PV applications

Reliability Analysis

I've done some reliability analysis based on MIL-217 ja Telcordia-models.

Lighting Design

I have good basic understanding the most common lights sources such as LEDs, fluorescent, SOX and their control electronics, especially in low voltage DC applications. I've used the Dialux lighting design software for a couple of projects. .


I know the basics of several common and not-so-common prgramming languages, but I have to admit I have not done much active programming.

  • PLM
  • Pascal
  • Modula 2
  • Java
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • C

However, I do have a lot of experience of SW development at pseudocode level.

Data Logging and Testing

I've implemented several data logging system for PV module testing, battery testing etc. I've done quite a bit of electronics testing, from inverters, modules and charge controllers to PV lanterns.

Remote Supervision and SCADA

I know the basics of the relevant alphabet soup:

V11, RS232, RS422, RS485, TCP/IP, SNMP,MODBUS RTU and TCP/IP ...

I have speciafied and implemented a number of remote supervision and SCADA systems for PV power systems.

Red Tape Management a.k.a. Project Management

I've been a project manager in several development projects, also several with governmant funding. .


I was the team leader of the Neste Corporate's "Researcher of the year 1997" project team. Doesn't say much outside Finland, but at the time it was the second-largest company in Finland., with over 10 billion USD turnover in petrochemicals.